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3D Realistic Bullet Hole Funny Car Stickers

Turn your car into a Hollywood stunt auto with these realistic Funny Car Stickers!Belsizemart Each sheet features various sizes of bullet hole stickers. Place the plastic 3D stickers onto your car body, without worrying about harming the paint or finish.

You can set these realistic bullet hole stickers to whoever you want on the car to give it a fun and dangerous look. From single, double, and triple bullet holes to long deep gouges, it will look like you’ve been in a shootout with the mob, or on the trail of some bad guys.

BelsizemartThe stunning 3D designs will seem at a glance that they’re actual bullet holes, but you can be safe and secure knowing it’s only make-believe! 
Outfit your car with these realistic bullet hole stickers for a Halloween event like a trunk-or-treat celebration. You can also apply them for a party, a car show, or a promotional event such as a grand opening.

BelsizemartThe stickers can also be placed as everyday auto accessories to impress friends, family, and everyone on the road. They’re also a great way to appeal to a sense of fun as well as coolness. Belsizemart

Bring some unique style to your ride. Add 3D Bullet Hole Stickers to your car body to make it a lean, mean, driving machine!

Item Width: 29 cm
Design: Cartoon
Type Of Sticker: Car Body
Item Length: 23 cm
Material Type: Plastic
Sticker Placement: The Whole Body
Color: black