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Car Carrying Bag Sticker

Let this space-saving auto accessory hold your essentials in place as your drive! The handy little Car Carrying Bag can be placed on the dashboard, the side of the center console, or nearly anywhere within your car’s interior. BelsizemartSturdy and safe for most surfaces, the gentle adhesive on the back keeps the carry bag right where you need it and holds your stuff securely!

The plastic frame of the car carry bag provides a solid base for the mesh pocket.BelsizemartFlexible enough to expand to fit items yet firm enough to hold them in place, the mesh holds a smartphone, cash, documents, maps, and much more within easy reach. Even if the phone is plugged into a charger, it’ll stay stable within the support of the strong mesh pocket.Belsizemart

The non-harmful adhesive sticks the frame where you need to access it, whether that’s on the dashboard, next to the stick shift or emergency brake in the center, or on the door.

Two sizes to choose from: 

A = 15cm long x 8cm wide

B = 20cm long x 8cm wide

BelsizemartDesigned to stay safely out of the way from the driving process, yet still in arm’s reach.


An essential organizer for nearly any car model, the car carrying bag sticker gives you piece of mind that your things are safe. The carrying bag is meant for interior use only and should not be placed on the exterior surface of your car.Belsizemart

Item Length: 15cm or 20cm
Sticker Placement: Internal
Item Height: 1cm
Item Width: 8cm
Category: Stickers