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Car Clean Glue Gel Stickers

These unique gel stickers will help keep your car’s interior looking like new! They’re specially constructed to pick up dust and debris from the surfaces of a dashboard, glove compartment, or steering wheel. BelsizemartMade with a car cleaning gel that naturally sticks dirt and lifts it off, leaving your auto with a clean and shiny finish.

Designed for internal use only, the distinctive car stickers feature a glue gel that won’t stick to hands or clothes. You can be secure in the ability of this auto cleaning product to erase dirt from your car’s control panels.


Simply place the sticky portion on to the spot you need cleaned, press down lightly, and lift away the mess! The Car Clean Glue Gel Stickers are particularly powerful when it comes to cleaning those stubborn spots like the areas in between buttons that many clothes or cleaners simply can’t fully reach.


These super stickers can be stored neatly in a plastic bag for when you need them, and can be used a couple of times before their usefulness runs out. Give your car the lift it’s been looking for with interior cleaning glue gel stickers.


They may look like a splash of water, but won’t leave behind any residue or wetness on the interior of your automobile.Belsizemart Stickers work with any style car or truck. Available in 60g or 70g.

Item Length: 20 cm
Material Type: Rubber
Item Height: 2 cm
Type: Glue Sticker
Item Width: 15 cm

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