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Car Mirror Window Clear Film Anti Dazzle and Fog

When it comes to your car, safety is the number one concern. Driving during inclement weather and wet precipitation can be dangerous and stressful. Give yourself a little relief with this Car Mirror Window Clear Film sticker. Each sticker comes in a set of two, so you can add one to each of your side mirrors for double the coverage. BelsizemartDesigned to fit on your car’s side view mirror, this safety sticker helps cut down on sight issues caused by fog, rain, or dazzle created by the sun during a rain shower or wintry mix. Choose from two sticker sizes - a circular car mirror sticker measuring 95mm x 95mm, or a rectangular sticker with rounded corners, which measures 95mm x 135mm. BelsizemartBoth sizes can be affixed to your car mirror quickly and easily, with soft adhesive on the back that won’t harm the glass if you need to remove it. 

These clear film stickers provide ultra-bright, enhanced visibility when driving. Checking your side mirrors when it’s raining or foggy outside is much easier with the weather-resistant car stickers in place.

BelsizemartClearly labeled with front and back to ensure proper installation, these anti-dazzle, anti-fog car mirror window stickers are just what you need for a safe and stress-free drive. 

Sticker Placement: Side Mirror
Type: Glue Sticker

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