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Dog Car Seat Belt

Protect your pup while taking him or her for a doggie drive - install the Dog Car Seat Belt in your ride. Easy to use, convenient, and built to last, this pet safety belt keeps your furry friend safe and secure.


Made of sturdy and flexible nylon, the dog seat belt attaches on one end to the buckle in your car with a standard metal tongue. The other end clips to your pet’s collar with a classic leash attachment and swivel hook.


Simply use your thumb or finger to hook to the end to the leash so your dog doesn’t roam around the car freely. Not having your pet secured can result in an injury, or possibly cause an accident if the driver is interfered with. BelsizemartOur Dog Car Seat Belt comes in your choice ofsolid colors, so you can pick the one you love the most - or that compliments the auto decor or your dog’s coat.Pick from light grey, standard grey, lime green, blue, or black. BelsizemartGreat for use in all seasons of the year, each belt features stylish contrastdouble stitching detail that runs from end to end.Fully adjustable to lengthen or shorten based on the size of your car (or your pet), the nylon seat belt also rolls up for storage when not in use.Belsizemart

Material: Nylon

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