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Smart Digital Tire Inflator DC 12V

For routine tire maintenance or emergencies on the road, this unique tire inflator makes your task a real breeze! Fully portable for keeping in the trunk when needed, the Smart Digital Tire Inflator works with your car to ensure proper inflation and driving safety.Belsizemart

Setup and application is super easy. Just plug the included DC adapter into your car’s cigarette lighter, with the car on for proper voltage. Attach the hose to the end of the Tire Inflator with the holes properly lined up.


Then set the pressure you want your tires at using the digital readout at the top of the tool. Belsizemart

Next, open the safety lock on the Tire Inflator and connect the hose to the nozzle on the tire that needs air. Press the switch and you’ll be pumping in air until the pressure reaches your desired setting. It’s that simple!


The digital readout is easy to see, even in low light conditions. You can set the mode based on the pressure settings in your country, plus increase or decrease the number with just a touch.Belsizemart

Plus, there’s a handy LED light on the front that shines directly on the tire nozzle so you can work in the dark when there’s an emergency situation.


The gun-style design makes the Smart Tire Inflator easy to grip and hold. It also uses 12 volts of power to get your tire back to normal fast.Belsizemart

Made from sturdy metal and plastic, the essential tool for any motorist will be your car tires’ new best friend! Belsizemart

Item Length: 24 cm
Item Width: 18 cm
Item Height: 5.2 cm
Item Weight: 950g
Material Type: Plastic and Metal
Voltage: 12V

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