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Thickness Gauges Car Paint Tester

Want to check the thickness paint of the car you're buying? Now you can! The battery is already in, please remember to take off the insulate strip. Do not use this device under 0 degrees Celsius! The device is not available in measuring metallic paint on car or similar objects. This tester may not be used to test your home appliances  like refrigerator, oven, microwave oven, etc..  

Resolution: 0.1mm/1mil(about 0.024mm)
Measuring Range: 0.0mm to 2.0mm,0mil to 80mil
Measuring technology: Magnetic
Power supply: 3V button cell battery, CR2032 (battery included)
Weight: about 23 g (including battery)
Size: 6.9x3.8x2cm
Color: Blue
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