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Car Power Converter from 12V/24V to 220V

Turn your car into a power base for your electronic devices! This must-have mobile Car Power Converter plugs right into your auto’s cigarette lighter to act as a conduit to your smartphone, car vacuum, or small appliance. BelsizemartThere’s a USB port on the back for compatible devices, such as a mobile phone, tablet, or e-reader. Charge the devices or use them without draining the battery more since the USB is the power source. BelsizemartYou can also utilize the standard 220V pronged plug for devices with that connection. This makes the power converter a great choice when you need to use a small appliance while on the road or in an emergency situation. Belsizemart

The compact size fits a glove compartment, toolbox, or bag, so it’s always handy when needed. The power converter adapter connects neatly into any standard cigarette lighter socket to convert your devices into battery-powered use. With an input voltage is DC 12V/24V and an output of AC 220V, it’s sure to put a jolt into any electronic device. It also has a frequency of 50Hz and is rated for 10 watts of power.Belsizemart Ideal for auto use, the mobile Car Power Converter is especially useful in RVs, campers, or large trucks. But no matter what the size of your vehicle, you’ll want to plug in this powerful adapter to get your devices some juice! 

Input Voltage: DC 12V
Output Voltage: AC 220V±10%
Output Frequency: 50Hz
Conversion Efficiency: 0.6
Rated Power: 10w

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