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Electric Hair & Beard Trimmer

Does your skin feel bumpy and cracked after a shave? Do you often experience pimple outbreak within a couple of days after a shave? Then stay tuned, because we have the right solution. BelsizemartThe Unique Advance Electric Hair & Beard Trimmer by Kemel is nothing like your usual trimmer. Made from pure ABS+ stainless steel material, the trimmer offers a close and smooth trimming experience.Belsizemart As made from durable and premium material, the blade lasts much longer than conventional trimmers. Unlike regular trimmer, you don’t need to replace the blades. Besides, the smooth edge of the blades is carefully designed.BelsizemartOffering optimum shaving and trimming experience while keeping both children and adults as mind. The blade works perfectly in tandem with the heavy-duty motor by delivering consistent efficacy. BelsizemartIt offers ultra-smooth trimming experience at a pocket-friendly cost. Comes with an exceptionally small size of 11.2 cm x 2.8 cm and a weight less than 100 g, this electric trimmer easily fits inside the pocket, making it an easy carry around device.

BelsizemartAlthough small in size, the heavy-duty motor allows multiple trimming sessions in one go, without having you to replace the battery repeatedly.


The small size allows easy maneuvering, making it easier to achieve your desired look within a matter of minutes. Whether you want a clean-shaven corporate appeal or the rugged biker look, just push the button and your trimmer is all set to go.

BelsizemartWhether purchase one for yourselves or as a gift, this mini trimmer serves the basic need of every modern man.

Item Type: Mini Hair Trimmer
Material: ABS+stainless steel
Brand Name: Kemei
Model Number: KM-666
Size: 11.2 dm x 2.8 cm (Mini type)
Color : Sliver and black
Power type : Battery (not included)
Net weight : 91g

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