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International Travel Adapter

Every country supports different kinds of sockets, which is an issue faced by frequent travelers. However, using this travel charger plug will mitigate this problem, allowing you to connect several devices or appliances. BelsizemartMade for extreme durability, the charger offers flawless compatibility to all kind of devices with an easy plug and play feature. Irrespective of the socket type, the device is adapted to all kind of relevant electrical appliances.


To make it more travel-friendly, the adapter is manufactured using ultralight yet durable material. Store it in your travel pouch or put it in your travel bag. The adapter hardly makes any difference with your existing weight in your travel bag. BelsizemartThe Universal Power Travel Adapter Plus uses only 250 Volts, which is common with a lot of countries in the world including Australia, Japan, The UK, and the US. BelsizemartIf you also face the same issues, then this universal charger plug is going to solve all your problem. It allows you to simultaneously connect multiple devices without any power surge risk. To offer safety around kids, all you have to do is activate the child protection socket and make it completely inaccessible to kids.


The product is manufactured while keeping in mind about the electricity standards of different countries. Therefore, the adapter can protect your device from voltage or frequency change. The travel-friendly adapter is crafted to offer uninterrupted power supply for more than 150 countries across the globe. Make sure to carry your Universal Travel Adapter in your next trip and avoid unnecessary hassles.

Outlets Number: 1
Overload Protection: Yes
Type: International Plug Adaptor
Rated Voltage: 250V
Application: Residential / General-Purpose

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