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Labor Saving Arm Multifunction Tool

If you are still using the old labor methods, you need to upgrade your way of working. Artisans of most trades will appreciate Saving Arm's multifunction handheld tool, which is perfect for crafts. Holds, supports, squeezes, and adjusts a wide variety of items. IDEAL for doors, windows, cold storage counters, ventilation systems, and likely many other purposes.


The one-of-a-kind universal tool is designed to control, lift, press, and tighten precisely considering the performance of compact hand tools is impressive, and their technical solutions are talented, they can replace a variety of more traditional instruments.


Handheld tools such as this one allow the user to be more creative, improve quality, and protect the user. Efficiencies can be improved, as well as time and money saved. Rugged structure and high-quality components make this device ideal for outdoor use.


  • Quick Working:Improve tile efficiency, make decoration faster, accelerate tiling, and work time is reduced.
  • Use 2PCS:If you want to make this lifter more efficient, join 2 PCS and work together.
  • Durable and robust construction:The construction of this tool is solid and reliable. That's why it can bear heavy weights. 
  • Durable Springs:High strength springs, abrasion resistance, bear strength, long service life, durable, long-lasting.
  • Adjustable Handles:  A load-bearing, sturdy and robust design along with adjustable handles according to height. The steel base is wide and thick, contributing to a stable, rock-solid plan that resists tilting or slipping.
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