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Waterproof Cabinet Contact Paper

Protect your kitchen countertops, walls, and more with this self-adhesive stainless steel contact paper. Easy to install and even easier to clean, it keeps grease and grime off of walls behind stovetops and sinks.


 The peel and stick design is easy to handle, and you can choose the color that best matches your kitchen decor.



  • PVC and aluminum foil contact paper
  • Peel and stick design is easy to install
  • Durable and easy to clean; just wipe away grease and residue
  • Oil waterproof, moisture-proof and rustproof
  • High-temperature resistant material
  • Great for countertops, walls being stovetops
  • Also ideal for lining kitchen drawers and shelves under the sink
  • Can even be used in cabinets and closets
  • Protect walls from grease and grime which occurs naturally and overtime after cooking on the stovetops
  • Comes in silver and gold, with different patterns to choose from
  • Rolls come in 40 x 100 cm or 60 x 100 cm


  • If the wallpaper you received has creases, please don't worry and stick it according to the video operation. If you have any questions, please contact us.
  • It is recommended to buy more than 3 meters to avoid bending during shipping
  • Please buy enough at one time to make sure that they come from the same batch to avoid color difference
  • If you buy more than 1 meter, we will ship all of the quantity in a roll so that it is convenient for your DIY at home. Please don’t misunderstand we send less because we are an honest seller. It is normal to be within the range of 1-3cm. Please rest assured when buying.
  • The surface must be cleaned and kept dry. When the temperature is low, you can use a hairdryer to make the wallpaper stickier.
Note: The shipping time for this product can take up to 3 to 4 weeks. Please refer to our Shipping policy page.