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Wireless Air Pump with LCD display

Pump it up wherever you go! Bikes, cars, motorcycles, and even sports balls.Belsizemart this portable Air Pump with LCD Display does the job fast and right!

BelsizemartThe speedy inflation on this wireless air pump is great for tire emergencies and daily auto maintenance, as it fills tires up to 35 psi in less than two minutes.


The push-button operation, auto-stop feature, and clear LCD digital readout help this small and powerful inflatable tool perform to the finest capabilities on the road or in the home.  


A great addition to a glove box, an auto safety kit in the trunk, or to keep on hand in a home tool box, this sleek portable air compressor is made from a durable aluminum alloy and comes in basic black. It features both a double LED light for convenient use in the dark plus a USB plug for charging the 5 to 12V unit.


The standard nozzle attachment for auto tires allows for a wide variety of applications thanks to the trio of included adaptors. Attach the screw-on adaptor for inflating bicycle tires. Use the inflation pin for pumping air into basketballs, volleyballs, or soccer balls. And the cone adaptor is ideal for inflatable toys, swimming rings, and pool floats.


Get the air compressor you need to keep tires and toys inflated to the proper pressure, when you need it. Keep this Wireless Air Pump with LCD Display close at hand and ready to go!


Item Height: 4.4 cm
Item Width: 5.4 cm
Item Length: 19.8 cm
Item Diameter: 19.8 cm
Item Weight: 0.37 kg
Voltage: 5-12V
Material Type: Aluminum alloy
Color: black

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