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Right Angle Clamp Corner

This Multifunction 4PCS woodworking Fixing clipis made of high-quality material. There is a clamping spring that offers solid clamping force. The wood fixture can be clamped quickly using this device. Several different thicknesses of plates can be connected using a T-shaped connection plate.


With this device, you can repair joints on furniture, reinforce picture frames, do wooden DIY projects conveniently. When the boards are screwed or glued together, our wooden clamps hold them in place with a high-tension spring.


We use high-quality, durable woodworking fixtures which can be used many times without breaking. Long-lasting pliers are made with durable materials to work for a long time.


Right angle clamps are available in three angles: 60 degrees, 90 degrees, and 120 degrees. By controlling the woodworking fixtures with just one hand, opening the right-angled clamp with one hand, and placing the workpiece with the other, labor time can be saved, and workload abated. A board attached at a 90-degree angle is very convenient and fast to fix, either by screwing or gluing.


  • Solid Material:This Fixing clip is made by using ABS and premium material. That's why it will work fine for a long time without any damage.
  • Simple to Use:The use of this device is pretty straightforward. Even you can use it with a single hand. This tool has a single handle, an adjustable jaw, which helps it set up immediately and secure the position quickly.
  • 4PCS:This tool consists of 4PCS, so a single man can do work quickly. Together, they can significantly increase productivity
  • Quick Fixing:By adjusting this tool at 90 angles, you can do fast fixing.
  • Measurements:The measuring ranges for corners and T-joints are different, even for boards of varying thickness, from 5 to 22 millimeters.
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