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Adult/Kid Training Boxing Bag

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It has a thicker base, more stable use, kicking and falling will not fall! The sealed double-cap design effectively prevents the added water from leaking out! Separate cylinder air nozzle design on the top, safe position to prevent air leakage during kicking! Large suction chassis, it is more stable to produce suction with the ground under the weight of water!


Do not over-inflate or flush into high-pressure gas. Don't jump on inflatable products. Never place aerated products near flames or hot objects. If it is not used for a long time, it should be folded and placed in a flat and dark place to avoid excessive friction and sharp objects. Natural air leakage from aerated products is normal.

Type: Sandbag Category
Age: >6 Years
Material: Environmental pvc
Size: Inflatable height 160cm, chassis diameter 65cm
Weight: 0.7kg