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Pressure Point Therapy Neck Massager

If you’re in need of some quick relief in the form of a massage for your pressure points, you won’t have to stress about getting an appointment. This therapy neck massager is just what the doctor ordered!


Measuring 18 cm wide x 35 cm long, this handy and portable home massager is easy to operate and highly effective. Crafted by cotton and ABS plastic, it’s shaped to allow for a simple hold whether you use it standing up or sitting down.Belsizemart Just fit it around your neck and let the soothing relief from the pair of massaging balls do the work for you. They’ll get right at the problem by attacking pressure points and sore muscle aches without messy oils or super-strong masseuse hands that might hurt even more!


Available in pink, blue, or green, this pressure point neck massager can be used in the comforts of home or during break in the office, where sitting in front of the computer all day can cause stiffness and pain to joints, especially the neck. BelsizemartYou can also use the therapy massager on parts of the leg, such as the knee and the thigh, for pain relief, to loosen tight muscles, and to help with cramps in the legs.Belsizemart

Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
Material: Cotton, ABS
Type: Neck Massager

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