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Portable Rechargeable Tent LED Fan Light (Camping)

A camping fan is an indispensable piece of camping gear during hot weather. This is because it is compact and very lightweight.


This means you will be able to carry it with ease anywhere you go. Ideally, a top quality camping fan is equipped with a high-performance motor that enables it to move a lot of air and keep you cool and comfortable on a hot camping trip.


This fan also comes with lights to provide you with wonderful illumination at night.


What Makes This Camping Gear Stand Out:

  • Collapsible and lightweight design;
  • The high and low settings of the fan;
  • Military-grade solid construction;
  • Low price point and versatility;

BelsizemartOutdoor enthusiasts who enjoy spending a night outdoors should definitely consider this portable LED camping lantern with ceiling fan. This is because with it you will easily find your way around your tent and the campsite. And it is not just light this great camping gear offers but also it will help keep you cool in a hot environment. 

This LED camping lantern with ceiling fan is really light in weight. You will carry it with ease and use it anywhere at any time. Furthermore, it has a collapsible design that allows you to store it easily in your backpack. The unit uses size AA batteries, but they are not included.

Enjoy your leisure time with your friends and family, you need to contemplate on how to make the most of it. Camping is one of the most fantastic activities people usually consider when they get a chance to enjoy their holidays or weekends. To relieve the body heat and perspiration while relaxing inside the camping tent, the use of camping tent fans is now in the trend.


Body Material: Plastic
Usage: Camping Hiking Fishing
Light Source: LED Bulbs
Battery Type: AA  (Not included)

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