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360° Degree Folding USB Rechargeable

This 360°-degree folding design lamp looks elegant and unique in your room. The lamp's light is bright, even and does not lose its brightness when using high-quality LEDs.


Our product is made up of premium material, so it is free from any damage. The high-quality tear-resistant paper and wooden composite board are used in this lamp.


It is rechargeable via USB with an integrated 1200mah polymer lithium-ion battery, allowing you to charge it directly from your USB device, making it sustainable and straightforward to use.


Easily create a romantic ambience with this lamp that emits a warm, soft light, is also cordless and portable, perfect for bedroom, party, wedding, dining, patio, etc.


  • Portable:Due to its compact and lightweight size, it is easy to carry at all times and can easily fit in your purse or briefcase.
  • USB Charging:Charging this lamp is super easy. You only need USB charging to recharge the 1200mah battery.
  • Three Light Modes:This lamp consists of three light modes that you can adjust according to the scenario. They are White light, Warm White light and blinking white, and warm white light.
  • Romantic Scene:If you use this lamp as a reading light in your bedroom, living room, study, or as an ornamental light in your garden, balcony, patio, you can create romantic scenes within your home.
  • Unique Design:This lamp features a unique design and can fold this lamp in a 360-degree way. It also spreads unique and elegant light.