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Digital Scale Weight Travel Accessory

Have you ever been charged for an overweight baggage? If this sounds familiar to you, then you need this digital scale weight travel accessory in your life. It is incredibly lightweight to carry around and highly accurate.Belsizemart

You can easily use this to weigh whatever you are carrying around easily and save yourselffrom paying unnecessarily extra. Know precisely what you are carrying around before you board the flight. It features a handy shape and a portable design which is ideal for quickly weighing everyday items at home, shops or while embarking on a journey.Belsizemart

This device can be just as easily carried in your handbag or bag pack as it's so compact and portable. It also has the additional benefit of tare data lock function that gives additional flexibility by getting the accurate weight readings. The device is so precise that it weighs objects and showcases them up to its milligrams worth of weight. It can be used to precisely calculate the weight for both professional and personal use.Belsizemart

It can be used to calculate weight in pounds, kilograms and ounces for genuinely universal usage. These readings can be viewed on the bright and large LCD having a green back-light which gives accurate readings even in the dark. Belsizemart

It runs on a CR2032 Lithium battery easy to install, (not included) so this weighing scale features an auto shut-off function which will help to preserve the life of the batteries.Belsizemart

CR2032 3V LITHIUM BATTERY (Not included)


You need this device in your life if you want something handy and portable to weigh your things accurately. 

Max Weigh: 50 kg/ 110 lb
T-Type: Portable

Material: Plastic
Scale Type: Digital