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EasyFix Hanging Flycatcher

We often use hazardous chemicals and poisonous fumes to get rid of pests from our surrounding. However, even storing these items at home possess a great health risk for our loved one. Easyfix Hanging Flycatcher is a safe and organic solution to get rid of annoying flies from your surroundings.


The products are ideal for both residential and commercial usage. You can hang them anywhere in park, farms, restaurants, toilets, garbage rooms, fields, including all other public places.

BelsizemartJust put the bait in the bait pot and hang it 1 m off the ground. The net is intricately crafted to trap bed bugs, flies, moths, mosquitoes, hornets and other hazardous pests from the property. Lighter in weight, the flycatcher includes a fly trap and a baits pot.

BelsizemartThe Diameter of the trap is 25 cm with a height of 32 cm while the bait pot comes with a height of 40cm. The trap consists of a Grade-A quality iron wire with gauze element and the bait basin is made of good grade polypropylene material. Flies and pesky pests are attracted to rotten foods, therefore, it is recommended to use fish intestines, rotten fruits, etc. as bait. Belsizemart

Setting the trap is a breeze. You don’t have to go into technicalities. Just unpack and assemble the trap. Add the bait with some water. You can hang it or place it on an open area (depends upon the surroundings).


Made from highly durable materials, the product will go on for years without any scratch. The flycatcher can be easily cleaned and stored and reused whenever required. 

Pest Type: Bed Bugs
Pest Type: Flies
Pest Type: Mosquitoes
Model Number: Fly Catcher
Material: Iron wire + Gauze element +Plastic
Size: diameter 25cm fly trap height 32cm with bait pots total height 40CM

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