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Personalized Shower Head with 3 Mods

If you are someone who is into home décor and think the décor of the bathroom and the accessories required for it are as important as any other accessories in the house, then you are right to be her. BelsizemartThe showerheads are some of the most used items of the bathroom for obvious reasons, and you have the full authority to choose it according to your liking and requirement. BelsizemartOur showerheads are available in different colors and variants also that you can get the power of choice to select from these variants that would best suit your needs. The showerheads are made up of stainless steel which will provide a better bathing environment and as it doesn't contain lead its better for your skin as well. As it’s made up of stainless steel, it's anti-rust, smooth, corrosion-resistant, precision-crafted and soft and bright. The highly reflective mirror-like finish will give your bathroom an elegant look, and even after years of use, it will still look good as new. Our shower heads have a self-cleaning nozzle; hence, they are low maintenance.


The heat-resistant silicone nozzle will prevent anti-clogging and aging. It is also easy to clean and offer better water pressure. BelsizemartThe angle can be adjusted as per the requirement of the user so that you can use the best shower experience. The modern and sleek design is also functional enough to change the water pressure as required. If you are looking to tweak your bathroom décor up a notch, then go for it.Belsizemart

Installation Type: Hand Hold
Material: ABS Plastic
Surface Finishing: Gold-Plated
Shower shape: Round

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