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Pop-Up Hair Drain Catcher

Have you ever faced drain blockage due to hair and other stuff? Our Pop-Up Drain catcher can sort out this problem. The Universal Wash Basin Hair Stopper is perfect to use in sinks to prevent falling items like, hair, Tea and other tiny stuff that can cause blockage of the water from the sink. It can also prevent foul odor from the sewer and keep your Kitchen free from unwanted smells.

Like other stoppers, it does not come with a standard Push button drain. Instead, an anti-clogging basket strainer keeps the hair, jewelry, vegetable leaves, and other stuff to avoid the kitchen sink from the blockage of the water.BelsizemartThis Pop-Up sink drain is made of durable anti-crack stainless steel material along with Zinc alloy plating. That's why it will work fine for a long time. It features a heavy-duty brass nut and two triple-layered silicone seals to prevent leaks and protect against corrosive elements. Due to robust construction, it does not catch any rust.


The Installation process of this product is super easy as it consists of a straightforward structure. Anyone can understand how to fix it, and no tool required here.



  • Easy to Install:There is no tool required to install this gadget into your sink. So, anyone can install it without any hassle. Insert the new bounce core to complete the installation process after removing the old one.
  • Preventing Drain from Blockage:Clogs and odors in sewers are precluded by the Bounce Drain Filter. The drain doesn't clog up as it has a basket, making it easy to clean.
  •  Robust Construction:It is Made up of thick, corrosion-resistant stainless steel that is not prone to leaks.
  • Keep your kitchen Smell-Free:In addition to stopping the sewer from sticking, this drains cover prevents sewer odor so that you can enjoy the fresh air in your home and Kitchen.
  • Sink Drain Pop-Up:With this Universal Wash Basin Hair Stopper,you only need a single press button to drain water, and its seals quickly.
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