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Emergency Fire Cover (Flame Retardant)

Fire hazards can afflict anyone and hence has to be dealt with very cautiously. You wouldn't want to be facing such an accident that can happen to anyone and be not prepared beforehand. Hence we recommend that you keep alert always and make proper prevention and prudent choices. This emergency fire cover is designed as a must-have home- safety device in case of an emergency.

BelsizemartIt is ideal for fireplace, kitchen, car, grill, camping, office, etc. you should never use water on a raging fire so having this will save you from doing more damage than you intended.


They are made up of fiberglass material; hence, it's pretty standard for them to have tiny fragments on their surfaces. The emergency fire cover is easy to use and can be used without training. BelsizemartThe fire blanket can be pulled down easily to cover the fire. The heat source is then cut off when the cover is put on the fire.

BelsizemartAfter the temperature has gone down the fire cover can be thrown away as it’s for one-time use only. This emergency fire cover is of the highest quality which is capable of isolating the flame, heat source, and high temperatures so that the fire can be stopped immediately.

BelsizemartThe package is also provided with gloves that do not fire protecting but can be used to remove the fire cover after use. We hope you will never find an opportunity to use it, but as an emergency survival fire kit, you need this in your life.

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