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6 in 1 Multi Function Twist Bottle Opener

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Reward yourself to have a perfect companion that would totally make your kitchen work easier. Introducing 6 in 1 Multi Function Twist Bottle Opener, this is an awesome handheld gadget that will help you open everything with ease and with no need to call someone out just to ask for help!BelsizemartThis is the ultimate in kitchen gadgets! The Progressive 6-in-1 Multi Function Twist Bottle Opener has a soft grip santoprene handle so that you can easily open 6 different types of lids and seals with one simple action. Belsizemartgreat kitchen gadget tool, that allows you to hold slippery lids tightly, even with wet hands bottle opener twist Ideal for arthritis sufferers, the elderly, or anyone with weak hand strength. BelsizemartThis bottle opener will save you the timespace and energy that could be used elsewhere. This includes pull tabs, safety seals, jars and lids. Useful on picnics and camping trips as well as in the home. 


For beverages use the pull tab opener, pops off a bottle cap, or opens screw caps. It can also be used for opening jar lids. Gray with red accents, it is durable, has a comfort grip and is dishwasher safeBelsizemart

A small circle is best for soda bottle and beer bottle; Large Circle is a Jar Opener; Center Section removes safety seal tabs to remove seals; Hook on Top pulls open tabs on cans; Built-In Blade is for slicing open sealed bags.


  1. Compact 6 In 1 Multi Opener
  2. Opens Jars, Bottle Caps And Tops, Pull Tabs And Safety Seals With Ease
  3. Measures 14.5 x 6.5 x 2.5cm
  4. Dishwasher Safe. Easy Rubber Grip
  5. Not Just For The Home: Take It Along To Picnics, Camping And Trips.