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Automatic Clamping Fast Car Charger

Automatic Clamping Fast Car Charger 

Get a hold on this premium clamping car charger to provide power for your cell phone on the road! With quick installation and ease of operation, it keeps a firm grip as it charges wirelessly during your drive. 

The wireless charging capability is the key to keeping your devices at maximum battery. Just place your Qi-compatible smartphone onto the wireless charging pad and it clamps automatically and securely. The charger itself can be placed on your auto vent with the bracket on the back. And with a full 360 degrees of rotation, you can position the charging phone however you need to best view a working maps application or driving directions. 

The Clamping Fast Car Charger is loaded with other excellent features. There’s an automatic infrared sensor that knows when the smartphone is clamped in to charge. The micro USB charging interface allows you to power up the car charger when it’s low on battery.

Plus, the handy LED status indicator glows a bright blue when charging is in session. Best of all, with the Qualcomm Quick Charge technology, you can be sure your mobile phone will be back to full power in no time!

Technical specifications include an Output of 5V/1A, Input of 5V/2A, and auto power ID of 10 W, 7.5 W, or 5 W. Made of sturdy PC and ABS plastic, it’s the car charger you need to power up on the move!

Output Interface: 5V/1A
USB Ports: 1
Type: Car Charger
Power Source: USB
Input: 5V/2A
Dimensions: 17.5 cm * 11.5 cm * 7.5 cm

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