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Fish Toy for Cats - Eletric USB chargeble

Let your pet cat enjoy playing with this cute electric fish toy to spend its time with pleasure. Do you know? Your cat will have many problems if it spends most of its time lying down or if it is overweight. So, keep your pets busy playing with this toy and remain active. The cat will get excess energy and prevent laziness. Toy stuff is tear-resistant plushalong with cotton and catnip, so you don't have to worry about its durability. No chemicals or harmful substances are inside, so the texture is soft, comfortable, and safe.


It's pretty easy to wash this toy when it gets dirty due to its reliable materialand ergonomic design. You can recharge it any time by just plugging in a USB wirein its USB port. It will take about 10 minutes to charge fully. The red light will turn off when the charging is complete. Keep your cat happy and increase its wellness. Fish cat toy makes a sound and moves as soon as your cat touches it, making your cat want to explore and play with it.


It has a touch sensor and a USB port so your cat can play with it and engage with it. The moving fish cat toy will flop or move automatically and make a sound. You are leaving your cat alone every day, so you need to entertain them enough to relieve stress.



  • Realistic Look Fish Toy:Due to 3D printing, the fish looks realistic. Its shape is stunning and attractive because of high-quality plush fabric along with soft, non-toxic, and comfortable cotton.
  • Easy to Wash: It is possible to wash the plush flopping fish and replace it. When you pass the fish, be sure to remove the inside motor.
  • USB Rechargeable: A rechargeable battery inside the fish's belly connects to a USB barrel connector. The USB cable is included with the package, and it takes only 10 minutes to charge the device entirely.
  • Detachable Motor:The motor inside the toy is detachable, so it will be easy for you to remove it when you wash the fish.An easily removable engine makes cleaning a breeze!
  • Catnip Stuff:The inside is 100% catnip, grown organically. Your cat will be stimulated to play with the catnip toy because of its strong, aromatic smell. Besides keeping your cat entertained, it keeps you away from it.
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