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Bottle Opener Magnet Stainless Steel

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Have you struggled to enjoy your favorite drink and couldn't for a while because you cannot open the cap? This opener combines style and function which feels substantial in hand and elegant no matter where you place it.Belsizemart

From professionals to amateurs, everyone can use it just as quickly. The magnetic clasp gives a sturdy grip on the cap this opening the bottle in one perfect snap. No struggle to find holds the bottle incorrect grasp or risk of chipping the bottle. Place the opener over the bottle and twist it to release the cap. The magnetic enclosure will hold the lid tightly and securely.Belsizemart No need to collect the cap as it will be stuck to the opener to throw it away quickly. Ergonomically made handle makes this bottle opener comfy to grasp and effortless to turn, even when you need to use a little more effort than usual to open a stubborn bottle cap. BelsizemartThe sturdy, long broad handle requires minimal force for pressing down to the cap from the bottle, allowing you to remove any size cap quickly and efficiently easily. No need to manually wrestle the cap out of the bottle as our powerful magnetic opener will make it easy to extract even the tightest caps. Multi-function and convenient, our magnetic bottle opener pull doubles as both a beer and wine opener as well. Use it to open any bottles, whether soft drinks for kids or at a bar. Using only the finest materials, our bottle openers are rust-proof, resistant to staining, require little to no maintenance and are also dishwasher safe for convenient cleaning after use. You won't find a better deal than this.