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STOPLEAKS™ Super Strong Waterproof Seal Repair Tape

You know very well that sometimes immediate replacement or repair of an object is not possible in many cases. Especially when there are leaks the first instinct is to stop the liquid flow from the object to contain the damage that can be done if not stopped in time. Although there can be many other options for it, having a super-strong waterproof seal repair tape is the best thing you can have by your side in such emergency needs.

It’s easy and convenient to use as well as very cheap to purchase. Our repair tapes are waterproof, rubberized, and super durable. They can be used to seal, bond, patch, and repair almost everything.

They are formulated with a flexible, thick, and rubberized backing that can conform to any objects or shape. It can be applied wet or dry, hot or cold, and even underwater.

The Stopleaks super-strong waterproof seal repair tape will instantly seal out water, moisture and air to create a flexible, super secure and watertight barrier.

They are available in varying shapes and sizes. Its extra-wide size allows you to cover massive gapes, holes, and cracks easily. Stopleaks super-strong waterproof seal repair tape is environmentally friendly; UV resistant, VOC- free and has a wide temperature range hence can be used in extreme weather conditions. They can be used on greasy, oily, siliconized, dirty or porous surfaces, water- repellent or waterproof materials and fabrics as well. Don’t you think it will be a great addition to your emergency kit?

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