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Super Sticky Nano Magic Tape

Have you ever thought how much we neglect the importance of super sticky Nano magic tapes yet we need them to work well as well?  We cannot emphasize the importance of nano tapes for both professional and personal use. They are an everyday household item that is indispensable. So why compromise on something that’s not of good quality. Our Super sticky Nano magic tape is designed to be the most useful, reliable and robust tool for sticking one item with another. The tape utilizes a unique reliable and robust gel compound design that has a specialized thickness, length, and size. It will be the best quality, best value, and the best overall solution for all and any gel pad requirements that you can imagine. It is also easily removable; hence, it will not damage any of your surfaces or walls. They are washable and so can be used infinitely. Their width and length variant is perfect to be used for any job. It can hold items up to one kilogram (2.2 LBS) on any smooth surfaces. It will work correctly without any decrease in its efficiency in a temperature range from 62C or 150F up to -16C or 0F. The product is non- toxic, eco- friendly, and recyclable. The product is safe to be used around kids and pets. It is eco-friendly as the tape can be easily recyclable and reused. This product will not disappoint you and will be the best tape you could ever buy for yourself.

DIY Supplies: Woodworking
Tape Type: Filament Tape
is_customized: Yes
Type: Tape
Main Material: Nano PU Gel
Size: 500*3*0.2cm(5m/set) 300*3*0.2cm(3m/set)100*3*0.2cm(1m/set)
Color: Clear

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