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Yoga Wooden Sticks Stretching Tool

This sticky tool is perfect for massaging the body. It helps to increase muscles circulation and decreases stiffness by using your yourself.


All your major muscles will be compressed and stretched out by the use of this wooden yoga stick. Most people when using it at first, can feel slightly pain if using it correctly.Belsizemart

But you will feel more comfortable and relaxed. After that, you would like to use it in your daily exercise routine.


It is used for improving knee joint function. This stick is very comfortable to use, which it is designed to do.


Material: It has made of wood, safe to use, durable, and environmentally friendly. You can use it with more confidence.

Stretching Tool: Feel more comfortable, completely cut logs that are entirely straight and have no deformation.

Applicable Place: To create a beautiful figure, reshape the charming body and correct the tight waist and the front of the neck.

Smooth Surface:Its smooth surface doesn't hurt the hands, without burrs, with manual polishing, smooth and comfortable touch.

Function: Give the slim S-shaped waist, create a beautiful chest, and shaping the beautiful body.

Using Method: Put the stick inside and take it out, keep the holder tight, and slowly tighten your head. Open your shoulders to correct the contracted waist and reshape the beautiful body.

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